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Please send news items to Ian G4EAN.

The provisional date for our AGM 2017 is Saturday 28th October.
The venue will be the
Reading Parlour of the Brunswick Inn in Derby.
For more information please contact
Ian G4EAN.
Our 2016 AGM was held on Saturday 22nd October in the Reading Parlour of the Brunswick Inn in Derby. The meeting went very well indeed It was accompanied by a buffet and some golden cakes to celebrate our golden anniversary. There is more information on our AGM page.

G4DBS, Coral & G4GNQ, M1CDL, G4DCJ & Pat, G3YPS, G3THC

BRARS Membership and Treasurer
Due to a variety of circumstances, our President, Geoff G4GNQ, is now handling Membership on an acting basis with effect from 19th April 2017. He also takes on the role of Treasurer on an acting basis.

Nets on Tuesdays
We've added a Tuesday slot to our Nets schedule. Please send feedback to Geoff G4GNQ. 

Geoff G4GNQ intended to run a BRARS stand at the Junction 28 rally on Sunday 11th June 2017.
BRARS was at the 
National Hamfest on Friday 30th Sep and Saturday 1st Oct 2016. Here is our stand -  managed by Geoff G4GNQ - seen during a lull in the day.
(The 2017 National Hamfest will be on Friday 29th and Saturday 30th September.)

National Hamfest, Newark, 2016


Rails & Radio the BRARS magazine

Rails & Radio February 2017The latest issue is the February 2017 issue.  It includes a report of the highlights of our AGM in 2016 and also includes a report, with photos, of the Firac Congress held in Derby in September 2016

Please note that this issue of Rails & Radio was published before the post of Treasurer was passed from M0ZAA to G4GNQ.



G4EAN's copy arrived by post sometime around 15th March.

As usual, our editor invites articles for the next issue.

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Updated Wednesday 21st June 2017 by G4EAN.