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Please send news items to Ian G4EAN.

  AGM 2017
Our AGM was held on Saturday 28th October at the Brunswick Inn in Derby,
Ten members and one guest attended the meeting.
Arthur GW3LNR and John M0ZAA retired from our committee and Stuart G0FYX joined our committee.
Richard G4KRW took on the posts of Treasurer and Membership.
 There will be a period of a few weeks in which Geoff G4GNQ will be handing over all the relevant items to Richard. Subs are unchanged
Here's a photo of our 2017 AGM.
BRARS AGM 2017   From left to right we have

  John G4ZTQ
  Dave G4DCJ
  Geoff G4GNQ
  Pat (XYL of Dave G4DCJ)
  Stuart G3YPS
  Barry G4DBS
  Tony G3KAG
  Our editor, Mrs Coral Sims,
  is hidden behind G3YPS

BRARS on the Internet
We now have a Facebook page managed by Gareth M3INO. It is in its early days so please visit it and let us know what you think.
In order to rationalise our presence on the world wide web, we have closed our pages at (though you may find pages available in caches).

Nets on Tuesdays
We've added a Tuesday slot to our Nets schedule.
Please send feedback to Geoff G4GNQ. 

We were at this year's National HamfestHere is our stand -  run by Geoff G4GNQ and Coral - seen during a quiet time on Saturday.

National Hamfest, Newark, 2017National Hamfest, Newark, 2017


Rails & Radio the BRARS magazine

Rails & Radio October 2017The latest issue is the October 2017 issue. It includes an article by  G4GNQ about an 80m aerial for small spaces and a photo report of the 2017 Firac Congress which was held in Vienna.

G4EAN's copy was handed to him by G4GNQ at the BRARS AGM on Saturday 28th October. If you were not at the AGM then your copy should be in the post in the week following the AGM.


As usual, our editor invites articles for the next issue.

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Updated on Wednesday 1st November 2017 by G4EAN.